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    Free DayZ Scripts and Hacks

    Beitrag  Admin am Di Aug 21, 2012 9:53 am

    If you want get some new DayZ Scripts or DayZ Tutorials than visit our Partnersite, they offer:

    DayZ Scripts start Tutorials in english and german.

    -Here is a collection of DayZ scripts

    -You want to spawn vehicles in DayZ

    -Here is something very important: injectable DayZ ByPass

    -Here is a a cheat for all DayZ Items

    -You want to kill al players? No problem, here is a DayZ clear server script

    -With this hack you can find all vehicles, player and tends in dayZ

    -if you want you can make a DayZ server crash

    -here is something you dont need an bypass, a DayZ inventory edit method!

    -the last: working way to execute script commands DayZ

    If you need more, visit for more DayZ hacks

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